Lords Rebellion Over Article 50 Bill

The Lords have defeated the government twice on the bill to trigger Article 50: 1) voted to protect rights of EU citizens currently in Britain to remain 2) voted to give Parliament a ‘meaningful’ vote on the final deal. This is good evidence for Unit 2 Parliament – it highlights the role of the Lords in amending legislation and it is evidence of the sometimes difficult relationship between the Lords and the government (who accuse the Lords of ‘frustrating’ Brexit).

An additional interesting titbit is that Lord Heseltine has been sacked from his advisory roles for the government for voting in favour of these amendments (and therefore against the government). This is a possible example of ‘collective responsibility’ (Unit 2 Executive) – since Heseltine works for the government, he is bound to vote with and support the government publically, whatever his personal feelings (although this is somewhat debatable since Heseltine is not paid for these roles and therefore is not on the government payroll).

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39202245



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