‘Warning lights’ over violent crime

The outgoing head of the London Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, has warned that ‘warning lights’ are flashing with regards to violent crime.  There has been a 22% increase in violent crime and an 8% increase in overall crime in the past 12 months according to ONS statistics; this is particularly significant given the downward trend over the past two decades.  Clearly, a key issue here is the protection of police funding.  Police budgets were cut by around 14% under the Coalition.  Mr Osborne did promise to protect funding following the 2015 Autumn Statement, although Andrew Dilnot has argued that this has not been the case.

See this article from the Guardian:


UPDATE to February 19, 2017 blog

(April 2017) New Head of the Met, Cressida Dick, puts pressure on the government over budget cuts with alarming figures released by Scotland Yard on the increase in violent crime – see link below:


This story can be used for Unit 3A: Economy to consider the impact of austerity on the ability of the police to manage crime levels and Unit 3A: Law and Order to consider attitudes to crime,  the ability of the police to command public confidence and crime statistics.


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