Hunters accuse CPS of caving into animal rights activists

Cheltenham Magistrates Court found a huntsman not guilty of assault by battery after an incident with a female protester during a hunt. This follows a not guilty decision just a few weeks earlier by Taunton Crown Court on a separate incident. This combination of cases has led hunters and pressure groups (Unit 1) like Countryside Alliance to accuse the Crown Prosecution Service of bringing the cases simply because  of the volume of complaining by activists like the Hunt Saboteurs.

This is a good example of countervailing power – the Hunt Saboteurs and Countryside Alliance are pressure groups that want different things and pluralists would argue that this is healthy – decisions are made based on considering evidence/ideas from a range of groups.

The article from the Telegraph detailing this story also describes the activities of the Hunt Saboteurs, and can be good evidence for how pressure groups seek to exert influence:


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