Supreme Court Rules in Bedroom Tax Cases

The Supreme Court has ruled in the government’s favour in 5 out of 7 ‘bedroom tax’ cases, and against them in 2. This is obviously useful for Unit 3 welfare state.

The 2 cases that the government lost related to disabled people being penalised for having an extra bedroom for a carer or needing separate bedrooms due to disability. The government has stated that it will take steps to ‘comply with the judgement’. This is an example of judicial review potentially altering government policy (Unit 2).

It is also interesting to note the role of pressure groups – a variety of pressure groups were involved in the 7 cases, including Child Poverty Action Group, Disabled People Against Cuts and Taxpayers Against Cuts. These are examples of pressure groups using the courts as an access point, as well as an illustration of how uncertain (and long – 3 years!) the outcome can be. Good fodder for Unit 1.

More detail:



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