Theresa May establishes her Cabinet

A great story for the Executive topic of Unit 2. What factors/considerations are there for May in making her choices?

Gove, Osborne and Letwin are out – is this May dropping the ‘Notting Hill set’ of Cameron’s pals who had been in charge? May is possibly signifying a change in direction and dissociating herself from this clique.

Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary – a surprising choice (not least because of some of his foreign policy gaffes – describing black people as ‘piccaninnies’ and Hillary Clinton as a ‘sadistic nurse’) – is this a case of ‘keeping your enemies closer’? He is still probably the most realistic challenger to her authority…

Philip Hammond as Chancellor – considered a competent, if unimaginative, politician. Choosing a safe pair of hands.

Rewarding her supporters – Chris Grayling helped run her leadership campaign and has been rewarded with a promotion to Transport Secretary. Justine Greening, Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond were also early supporters of May as leader.

May has undoubtedly made decisions based on the need to re-unite the party after the divisive referendum campaign – the cabinet is a mix of remainers (like her) and brexiteers, most notably Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox who have all been given big jobs.

And what about socio-economic considerations? Including May, 7/25 in Cabinet are female. 2/25 are non-white. The biggest change, though, is the educational background – far more have come from state school – Justine Greening is the first Education Secretary to have been educated at a comprehensive.

See article for breakdown and background on key individuals:








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