Criminal Justice System at breaking point

Today’s breaking news offers some worrying Law and Order insights to students of Unit 3A UK Political Issues. A Public Accounts Committee report has highlighted the woeful state of the Crown Prosecution Service, stating that it is ‘bedevilled by long-standing poor performance, including delays and inefficiencies’.

These inefficiencies have been compounded by the cuts to public spending that have undermined the ability of courts to administer justice. PAC Meg Hillier’s report, highlights the impact of budgetary cuts and finds that about two-thirds of trials crown courts were delayed or did not go ahead at all. The time cases take to make it to court was also raised as a concern.

This story can be used by Unit 2 students looking at the work of select committees and the ways in which they hold government to account. It can also be used to as a Judiciary example to consider how far judges are able to uphold the rule of law. For Unit 3 students, this is a very good Law and Order example that can be used to illustrate the impact of budgetary cuts on the CPS.


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