Scottish Election Results

The SNP form a minority government, with Conservatives coming second, pushing Labour into third.

These results can be used in lots of ways for Unit 1 Elections topic:

  1. This is a great illustration of AMS delivering a proportional result. The SNP won just under half of the MSPs after winning just under half of the votes. Contrast this with the 95% seats on 50% vote which was returned in Scotland via FPTP in the General Election last year.
  2. Note the number of parties that gained representation – 5 parties won 5 seats or more – this is a great illustration of smaller parties gaining representation.
  3. It is an example of the tendency of PR systems to produce coalition or minority governments. It is worth noting at this point that the majority government produced in 2011 in Scotland was actually a disproportional outcome (see article:
  4. The turnout of 55.6% could be used as evidence to support the argument that PR systems discourage turnout due to its complicated nature. Bear in mind that the turnout for the independence referendum was 84% and the turnout in the GE was 65%…

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