Govt’s Investigatory Powers Bill at ECJ

This week the government’s Investigatory Powers Bill (sometimes known as ‘Snoopers’ Charter’) reached the ECJ. A case has been brought by Tom Watson (Labour Deputy Leader) and David Davis (Conservative backbencher), both strong advocates of preserving civil liberties. The judgement is unlikely to announced until after the EU referendum, but has the potential to derail the government’s plans – watch this space!

Useful for: Unit 4 EU – ability of ECJ to overrule UK law, Unit 1 Pressure groups – note that the lawyers representing the MPs are from Liberty. Liberty regularly uses the courts as an access point to secure their aims of protecting civil liberties, they even have full-time lawyers on staff. This is a good example of a current case, and also a good example of pressure groups going to the EU if the government does not look favourably on their position.



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