EU tax judgements could cost Britain £50bn

Official figures have shown that the government had to repay £7.87bn to businesses between 2005 and 2014 after an ECJ ruling that some of Britain’s tax laws were illegal under EU law. Documents from the OBR suggest another £7bn will be paid back by 2020. The ECJ also blocked Parliament from reducing the time period for companies to claim back overpaid tax to six years.

The ECJ is due to hear other cases against the Treasury which, if lost, could cost £35.6bn.

Unsurprisingly, these figures have been released by the Vote Leave campaign, and are being used to further their arguments. However, the requirement for synopticity means you need to be aware of these viewpoints and Priti Patel puts the Eurosceptic case clearly in her comments that ‘unelected judges are overruling the decisions of parliament on tax rules’. This is useful for arguing that the EU is not democratic, and could be used to look at the impact of the EU on Britain too.



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